NolitchX Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange is a non-profit Nordic Literature project and network.
NolitchX highlights the multilingual Nordic literature through readings, translations, talks, workshops, and other events.

In the actual political context in more than one of the Nordic countries, NolitchX wants to act now and challenge the foundations of a view on literature as bound to ethnicity and nationality. Putting focus on the means of expression among which language is a major aspect, NolitchX wants to contribute to the construction of an including literary field and society in the Nordic region which respect the individual right to choose the language in which to communicate, even in literary works, and where you can work as a writers regardless of your background and cultural identity. 

NolitchX was founded in 2016 and currently has support from Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Swedish Arts Council, Letterstedska föreningen and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.