NolitchX, pronounced as /Knowledge X/, will make visible the presence and works of immigrant language writers in the Nordic countries through networking, translations, publications and research during the period May 2018 until April 2020. The main objective of NolitchX is to function as the hub of a network between writers, translators, editors, and other participants in the literary fields of the Nordic countries to create new structures for immigrant writers to work as professionals and be part of the Nordic literary fields. The NolitchX network includes both immigrant language writers and writers who create in the main Nordic languages. In this way NolitchX hopes and will work to make visible the “Knowledge X”, the hidden knowledge, that is the work of the writers in the Nordic countries that create in other languages than the main languages or the official minority languages in the Nordic region.

NolitchX wants to act now and to challenge the foundations of the view on literature as bound to culture and nationality. The NolitchX network groups “immigrant language writers” (invandrarspråk, a term coined in Sweden referring to the linguistic communities that arrived in the country during the 20th Century) and promotes the literature written in languages other than the main Nordic languages and the official minority languages, as these works tend to be invisible on the Nordic literary field. The basic principle of NolitchX is language, one of the principal means of literary expression,   and the focus is on the literary texts, not on the cultural, ethnical or religious background  of the authors. In this way, NolitchX hopes to contribute to an inclusive Nordic literary field, where work in different languages will all be valued as “literature“, where there is room for writers and other actors from the different linguistic communities that exist in the Nordic region, and which respects the individual human right to choose the language in which to communicate, even in literary works.

NolitchX, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a literature project and a network with writers in the Nordic region that creates in immigrant languages as well as in the main Nordic languages. NolitchX is supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Malmö Stad, Svensk-Isländska Samarbetsfonden and Letterstedska Föreningen. NolitchX is a Nordic collaboration between associations, groups and individual writers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, and in 2018 we plan to incorporate writers, translators, cultural producers and venues in Norway and Germany into the network. The Malmö based association Tre Tärningar is the coordinating host of NolitchX in collaboration with Sivuvalo in Helsinki, Red Door in Copenhagen, and the Ós Pressan collective in Reykjavik.

Illustration: León Plascencia Ñol