Nordic Partners

Illustrations:  León Plascencia Ñol

Nordic Coordinator: Petronella Zetterlund
Coordinator Finland: Roxana Crisólogo Correa


Sivuvalo Platform(Helsinki) – FIN
Sivuvalo is a multilingual literature platform that for five years has been working in Finland to make visible the literary works, rights and viewpoints of immigrant language writers. In 2013, Sivuvalo started the mapping of immigrant language writers in Finland initiated by poet and activist Roxana Crisólogo with a grant from the Kone foundation. In 2104, poet and graphic designer Daniel Malpica was incorporated into the Sivuvalo project as event producer, graphic designer and editor. In 2018, Sivuvalo has a new team. Sivuvalo organizes literary readings all over Finland as well as seminars, workshops, literary events, inviting writers and experts. Sivuvalo also has published books by immigrant language writers, is coordinating translations and publication in literary magazines and online, and is always looking for new and possible solutions to make visible the works of immigrant language writers in Finland.



Tre Tärningar Kulturförening (Malmö) – SWE
Tre Tärningaris a Malmö-based cultural association with the aim to connect writers of different languages and literary expressions, to provide readings, translations and networks in Malmö and the south of Sweden. The founding members are Lalo Barrubia, writer, performance artist, translator and editor; Azita Ghahreman, poet and translator; and Petronella Zetterlund, translator, editor, editor cultural producer. Tre Tärningaris the host association of NolitchX, and Petronella Zetterlund is Nordic coordinator of the project.




Red Door(Copenhagen) – DNK
Originally founded in 2009 as an art magazine in NY, Red Door was created with the purpose of documenting the different artistic/cultural movements all around us in an attempt to thread the waters and facilitate exchange and collaboration opportunities. In addition to this, after a relocation from the US to DK, Red Door is also an art gallery and collective space based in Copenhagen, with a space in Nørrebro that serves as exhibition and event space / concept shop / café. There is an adjacent record shop and an atelier.
The gallery space is run as a collaborative project between Speakers Corner, Red Door, Tacos Chilangos and Vinyl Collectivet.


Os Pressan logo

• Ós Pressan (Reykjavik) – IS

Ós Pressan is a non-profit initiative designed to bring out and promote new authors, to create an inclusive writing community and to challenge the reality of the publishing industry in Iceland. The Ós writing community started in early 2015 during a workshop celebrating the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in Iceland and is dedicated to gathering writers from the margins of Icelandic society and bringing them into Iceland´s rich literary scene. In the ongoing social change in Iceland, where over 10% of the population was born in another country, Ós Pressan identified a tremendous gap between the current social reality and the literary-publishing scene. The absence of representation of foreign-born writers brought forth a wider and more inclusive idea: the margins of the Icelandic society and literature, the voices that are not being heard. Ós Pressan wants to explore this area, bring out and promote new authors, offer them the opportunity to be heard and create a community addressing this social and cultural change.