CALL FOR TEXTS Anthologies of Poetry and Fiction

NolitchX aims to publish two anthologies gathering a selection of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region. The objective is to publish one anthology of short stories and another with poems. We will publish literary texts written in other languages than the official/principal and the official minority languages in the Nordic countries translated into one or more Scandinavian language/s.

NolitchX is making an open call to every immigrant language writer who is currently residing in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, or anyone who holds a passport from one of these countries, to send us their short stories and/or poems. NolitchX will do its best to find readers for each and every text, and will provide translations into Swedish and possible another Scandinavian language for the texts selected to be included in the anthologies.

The editors in charge are Lalo Barrubia (poetry) and Mazen Maarouf (fiction).

Please, send your texts to together with you name transcribed in Latin letters and a mention in English or Scandinavian of which language the texts are written in. If there is an Scandinavian, English or Spanish translation of your text/s, please, send it to us together with the original version.


  • Calligraphy: Eva Tikka