Multilingual Poetry Reading in Stockholm [Photos]

On December 1st, 2018, at Hallonbergens bibliotek, Sundbyberg, NolitchX organized with Bibliotek Sundbyberg a multilingual reading with poems in Arabic, Persian, Spanish and Swedish. The participating poets were Kawther AbuHani, Roxana Crisólogo (Fin), Jasim Mohamed, Namdar Nasser and Magnus William-Olsson. This was the first time that young quirky poet Kawther AbuHani, residing in Stockholm, reads her poems to a Swedish audience with Swedish translations.

All poets had poems read in Persian and Swedish besides their original versions. Translators for the event were Azita Ghahreman, Mohsen Emadi (Persian) and Petronella Zetterlund (Swedish).

NolitchX  wants to bring together poetry in the different languages that coexists in the Nordic region and give the audience a possibility to listen to diverse linguistic expressions.

The event was a collaboration between NolitchX and Bibliotek Sundbyberg with support from Nordic Culture Point. Thanks to the audience for coming!



Azita Ghahreman read translations into Persian of poems by Magnus William Olsson, Jasim Mohamad and Kawther AbuHani, and Mashed Bjurman read Persion translations made by Mohsen Emadi of poems by Roxana Crisólogo.